Standard Inflator

Looking for an inexpensive inflation tool?  Our Standard Inflation tool is the one for you. 

Outfitted with an easy to use to use trigger valve and our "Quick Connect" Inflation Tip, the Standard Inflator is everything you need to start filling Dunnage Air Bags.

Deluxe Inflator

Ensure consistent inflation and protect against over inflation with out Deluxe Inflator's built-in air pressure gauge. 

Calibrated in 1-PSI increments, this gauge will help ensure the proper amount of air pressure each time the air bags are used. 

This tool comes complete with our "Quick Connect" Inflation Tip.

How do I install a Dunnage Air Bag?

#1) Select the correct size and ply of the bag, making sure the bag covers as much of the face of the shipment as possible.

#2) Use appropriate buffer material between the load and the bag making sure no sharp edges or points can contact the bag

#3) Correctly position the bag in the void space with the bag being placed a minimum of one ince above the floor and not extending above the top or sides of the load

#4) Attach inflator tip to the valve. Inflate the bag to the recommended air pressure (recommended pressure varies according to the product and mode of transportation). Check with air gauge before shipping/p>

#5) Deflate bag by puncturing with a sharp instrument. DO NOT SLASH!!!


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