What are Dunnage Air Bags?

Dunnage Air Bags are an economical way to brace your product while in transit. Load shifting is the #1 cause of damage, which can be very costly.

Dunnage Air Bags are made of 2, 4, 6, or 8 plies of 80 lbs Kraft Extensible paper. Inside the bags are lined with a 3 mil polyethylene bladder which meets or exceeds the requirements of Table C, Rule 40 of the Uniform Freight Code. The paper exterior protects the inner poly layer and holds the bag in place between your product.

Dunnage Air Bags are used in Truck, Rail Car, Container, or Intermodal Shipments. In most truck shipments, 2 is recommended. For railcar and overseas shipments, a heavier 4, 6, or 8 ply is recommended.

Benefits to using a Dunnage Air Bag system:

Economical - provides savings when compared to other products. A single dunnage air bag can sometimes brace an entire load.

Reduces or Eliminates Longitudinal Movement or Cargo - Load shifting is the major cause of transit damage. By correctly bracing the load, damage is eliminated.

Ease and Speed of Application - Compressed air does most of the work, not you. The bags can be installed in minutes with very little physical labor involved.

Easily Deflated and Removed - By puncturing the bag with a sharp object, the bag will deflate and can be removed.

How do I install a Dunnage Air Bag?

#1) Select the correct size and ply of the bag, making sure the bag covers as much of the face of the shipment as possible.

#2) Use appropriate buffer material between the load and the bag making sure no sharp edges or points can contact the bag

#3) Correctly position the bag in the void space with the bag being placed a minimum of one ince above the floor and not extending above the top or sides of the load

#4) Attach inflator tip to the valve. Inflate the bag to the recommended air pressure (recommended pressure varies according to the product and mode of transportation). Check with air gauge before shipping/p>

#5) Deflate bag by puncturing with a sharp instrument. DO NOT SLASH!!!


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