6 Ply Dunnage Bags

This is the ultimate protection for your cargo when it comes to extremely heavy loads and forces. These bags are made for special applications and they absorb almost all forces encountered during transportation.

6 Ply Dunnage Bag Uses

6 ply dunnage air bags are paper bags constructed of 6 plys of 100 lb. extensible Kraft paper or equivalent construction conforming to the physical requirements of Table C, Rule 40 of the Uniform Freight Classification. The outside of the outer ply shall be uniformly coated with medium density poly ethylene. The inner bladder shall be seamless and extruded from high densith rubber-modified polyethylene and have a thickness of six mils (0.006) or be of equivalent construction meeting the parementers of items K-7 and K-8 of Pamphlet No. 14, "Minimum Carloading Requirements for Freight in genral Purpose and Specially Equipped Boxcars", issued by the Association of American Railroads.


The disposable paper dunnage bag shall not lose more than 0.5 pounds pressure in 14 days when inflated in an unrestrained state to pressure of 3 psi.


The disposable paper dunnage bag shall not burst of show any evidence of leakage when pressurized to not less than 25 psi restrained for one minute of an 11" voide

Maximum inflated pressure to 8 psi. Production date is stamped on each unit

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