4 Ply Dunnage Bags

4 ply dunnage air bags are paper bags constructed of 4 plys (layers) of paper or gauges of poly material in 5 different levels (L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5). They are designed with an inflatable internal Polyethylene Bladder and are an innovative and simple blocking and bracing tool.

4 Ply Dunnage Uses

Association of American Railroads (AAR) Approved - Constructed of 4 plies of 100lb extensible Kraft paper or equivalent, which meets or exceeds the requirements of Table C, Rule 40 of the Uniform Freight Code. Inner bladder constructed of 4 mil co-extruded polyethylene. Maximum inflated pressure to 3 psi. Production date is stamped on each unit.

Used in container and truck shipments for lighter loads, as with the 4 play bag the load is secured by locking the last 2 or 4 palets from the door to the sides of the truck creating frictional drag

For heavy loads and strong forces during transportation we suggest the heavy-duty PP bags. The 4 layers of kraft paper material are very resistant against outside forces. The features match with international safety standards for sea, road, and railway transportation. They are an innovative and simple blocking and bracing tool.

Constructed to meet AAR requirements as follows: Bags must perform to 17 psi in a restrained 11" void for not less than 60 secondsand have air permeability capable of holding 3 psi unrestrained and not lose over 5 psi in 14 days.

Maximum inflated pressure to 4 psi. Production date is stamped on each unit

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